Exim Tricks

Server owner, did you ever hit by tons of spam then bring your server down to it knees?
Well, I have a few exim tricks that you can use to quickly remove them from Exim queue.

I’m assuming that you already have the knowledge of what is SMTP, MTAs, and can use UNIX shell prompt.

Start with Message-ID

Exim Message-IDs consists of mixed-case alpha-numeric with the form XXXXXX-YYYYYY-ZZ.

Basic commands:

Show the numbers of messages in queue:
root@localhost# exim -bpc

Show a listing of the messages in the queue with time queued, size, message-id, sender & recipient:
root@localhost# exim -bp

Show summary of queued messages:
root@localhost# exim -bp | exiqsumm

Ask Exim why is he so lazy :hammer:. No seriously, what is he doing at the moment:
root@localhost# exiwhat

Make Exim to show ACLs and filters for given IP:
root@localhost# exim -bh

Show Exim’s configuration settings:
root@localhost# exim -bP

+++Until next time 🙂

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