How to enable iconv on CPanel server?

The iconv API is the standard programming interface for converting character strings from one character encoding to another in Unix-like operating systems. All recent Linux distributions contain a free implementation of iconv() as part of the GNU C Library which is the C library for current Linux systems.

To use it, the GNU glibc locales need to be installed, which is provided as a separate package, named glibc-locale usually, and is normally installed by default.

[*] a CPanel server :army:
[*] WHM root access to the server
[*] glibc-locale
[*] a working compiler

[*] login to your WHM as root at http://[your_server_ip]:2086 or https://[your_server_ip]:2087 or http://[your_server_ip]/whm.
[*] Go to "Software" on the left sidebar.
[*] Click "Apache Update".
[*] Click "Load Previous Config" in order to work with your previous configuration.
[*] Scroll down the page, find "Iconv (experimental)" text, check it.
[*] No need to adjust other settings.
[*] Scroll down again till the bottom, click "Start Build".
[*] You'll see the compile proccess, do [b]nothing[/b], do not close the window, sit back and relax, just wait :clock: until the browser progress indocator stopped.

Voila, now you have iconv compiled with PHP.

PS: Do this at your own risk, we do not guarantee this will work on all CPanel servers!

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