The Importance Outdoors Activities For Children

In general, children’s naturally love of outdoor activities. For them, the situation and conditions of any activities that could be interesting. This must be maintained and that a form of service for teachers of children. Through outdoor activities, teachers are expected to understand the needs and facilitates without much to intervene. The need for children to move freely, independently and set himself the opportunity to be developed in the outdoor arena.

Learning is implemented in kindergarten tend to be based more in the classroom and less on giving children the opportunity to explore the environment outside the classroom or the room, it can not only limit the space and movement, but theyn can forget their potential, where each children given more than one acumen.

Greeberg (1994) described that learning can be effective if children can learn through work, play and live together with their environment. In fact children learn while playing, so learning in early childhood is essentially playing. In accordance with the characteristics of young children who are active in the various neighborhoods of Explore, the playground activities are part of the learning process.

Playfull activity, which gives the opportunity for children to interact with friends and the environment is a priority. In addition, because the child is a unique individual and is vary, the variations of individual elements and interests also need to be noted.

Naturalistic wiliness gets less attention. The development potential of this as the success of child support in optimizing the potential of the other as kinestetik intellect, ingenuity and spiritual emotional intelligences that can be related with each other. Intellect or the potential of the children need to be developed in a way to give children the opportunity to grow optimally through the play as children learn how to recognize the various things that are around that can be developed in stages, repeatedly and in accordance with the children development stage.

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