The Importance Outdoors Activities For Children (cont.)

The Importance Outdoors Activities For Children (cont.)

Every child has the intellect compound despite the extent that different, thus the child has some potential intelligences. Potential ingenuity will grow when stimulate optimally. By stimulating one of the development, it will carry on the development of the intellect and stimulate the other.

Stimulation is a stimulus that is coming from the environment outside. Children who get a lot of stimulation will be developing more quickly than the children that are less or not get stimulation. Stimulation can act as a reinforcement.

Stimulation can be provided in accordance with the development of the child’s age. Wiliness naturalistic potential as a child in need and developing optimal distimulasi optimal development. Stimulate children through the learning environment outside of the room as supporting the development of children learn while playing, it will be interesting for the children in exploring and developing their intellect compound.

The importance of play in the outdoor on the naturalist ingenuity of the children themselves are the potential to be developed, because the child has unique characteristics. The characteristics are:

Active and happy when playing outside the room.
Teachers provide less opportunity for children to conduct exploration in the learning environment outside the classroom.
Learning that there is often conducted only in the classroom.
Naturalistic ingenuity of the children get less attention.

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