How to fix buggy Venus VT-12 CDMA USB modem driver

Venus VT-12 is a CDMA USB wireless modem.

Modem specifications:
[*] CDMA 2000 1x with RUIM, 800 MHz Frequency band.
[*] Using Qualcomm Chipset.
[*] Up to 230.4 Kbps (average 60-100 Kbps).
[*] Compatible with USB 1.0/1.1/2.0

[*]Random disconnect.
[*]Once disconnected, unable to reconnect again until the computer restarted.
[*]Sometimes, error about svchost pop’d up.

[*]Unplug the USB modem.
[*]Download the following file:
Huawei_Drivers.rar, mirror here. Support 32bit & 64 bit Windows XP, Vista & 7. This will be the new driver. The hardware inside the Venus VT-12 modem indicated its a Huawei ones.
[*]Extract the file content to your hard drive.
[*]If the modem apps installed, remove it via Control Panel >> Add Remove Program
[*]Clean up the driver leftover, by executing the following from the extracted file:
[*]Install the new driver:
[*]Reboot the computer.
[*]Put the USB modem to the computer USB port.
[*]Wait until Windows finished installing the driver.

Done, good luck!

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