Fake Traffic Generator

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How to enable iconv on CPanel server?

 The iconv API is the standard programming interface for converting character strings from one character encoding to another in Unix-like operating systems. All recent Linux distributions contain a free implementation of iconv() as part of the GNU C Library which is the C library for current Linux systems. To use it, the GNU glibc locales […] Continue reading →

How to split a big tar files?

 How to split a big tar files? Easy 😉 split -b 100000000 thisfile.tar.gz thisfile.tar.gz This will split your file into 100 MB parts with the thisfile name and suffix of gzaa, gzab, gzac, etc… Then how to join them? Easy too 😉 cat thisfile.tar.gz?? > thisfile.tar.gz Until next time 🙂 Continue reading →