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Joomla administrator password reset script

An easy way to reset your Joomla administrator password.No need to access to phpMyAdmin or entering SQL query or such. Features:[*] a very easy way to reset your Joomla administrator password[*] has a nice GUI too 😉 Update v1.2: now the script allows you to choose username, instead of ‘admin’ only. Price: FREE! Listed at Hot Scripts in PHP

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How to reset Joomla administrator password?

Here I will show you how to reset your Joomla admin password in a two ways. One is using phpMyAdmin and the other is using password reset script. Let start… [*] Using a simple MySQL query with an application that manage your database. [*] phpMyAdmin, almost available on all hosting. [*] Login to your phpMyAdmin. [*] Navigate to your Joomla…

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