Increasing virtual memory

 To increase virtual memory / paging in Windows XP: Go to: >> “Control Panel” >> “System”. >> “Advanced” >> Under “Performance” label, click the “Settings” button. >> In the new window, navigate into “Advanced” tab. Under “Virtual Memory” label click the “Change” button. >> Select “System Managed Size” and click the “Set” button and “OK”. […] Continue reading →

How to fix “Task manager has been disabled by the administrator”?

 Usually this caused by a virus or your administrator disabled access to it. Symptoms: [*] A grayed out task manager when right click at [url=]Systray[/url] clock [*] If you run taskmgr.exe directly via “Start Menu >> Run” or command line it will give you the following message: Task manager has been disabled by the administrator […] Continue reading →