How to compile GD graphics library with CPanel server

GD is an open source code library for the dynamic creation of images by programmers. GD is written in C, and “wrappers” are available for Perl, PHP and other languages. GD creates PNG, JPEG and GIF images, among other formats. GD is commonly used to generate charts, graphics, thumbnails, and most anything else, on the fly. While not restricted to use on the web, the most common applications of GD involve web site development.

This post will act as a guide on how to compile GD library on CPanel server.

[*] a CPanel server
[*] WHM root access to the server
[*] a working compiler

[*] Login to your WHM as root at http://[your_server_ip]:2086 or http://[your_server_ip]:2087 or http://[your_server_ip]/whm.
[*] Go to "Software" on the left sidebar.
[*] Click "Apache Update".
[*] Click "Load Previous Config" in order to work with your previous configuration.
[*] Scroll down the page, find "GD (Version latest)" text, check it.
[*] No need to adjust other settings.
[*] Scroll down again till the bottom, click "Start Build".
[*] You'll see the compile proccess, do [b]nothing[/b], do not close the window, sit back and relax, just wait :clock: until the browser progress indocator stopped.

Now you have GD graphics library compiled with PHP :cheers:

PS: Do this at your own risk, we do not guarantee this will work on all CPanel servers!

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