How to fix ConfigServer Mail Manage Internal Server Error after cPanel upgrade?

I was upgrading my cPanel to v11.24.4-R32603 – WHM 11.24.2 – X 3.9 and I noticed that ConfigServer Mail Manage is broken after the upgrade.

Below is the error message I got while accecssing ConfigServer Mail Manage (http://[IP_Address]:2087/cgi/addon_cmm.cgi)

Internal Server Error

Premature end of script headers: /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/addon_cmm.cgi:
Please check / usr / local / cpanel / logs / error_log for the exact error.

cpsrvd/11.24 Server at [IP_Address]

To fix this, you need to upgrade ConfigServer Mail Manage manually.

This guide is using root access, please be careful with anything you do.

Here is how:
[*] Login to your server as root (SSH).
[*] Remove previous ConfigServer Mail Manage .tgz file, if any. Type:
rm -fv cmm.tgz
[*] Get the latest file. Type:
[*] Extract it, type:
tar -xzf cmm.tgz
[*] Change directory, type:
cd cmm
[*] Install ConfigServer Mail Manage, type:
[*] If you see the following line at the end of the install output:
ConfigServer Mail Management has been installed.

It means ConfigServer Mail Manage installed succesfully.

Thanks to Sarah Michaelson at ConfigServer forum for the fix.
Link to Sarah Michaelson post at ConfigServer forum regarding the fix:

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