How to: Play Perfect World International using proxy server

Perfect World International (PWI) is an MMORPG developed by Beijing Perfect World. It has been released in several different areas in different versions already.

Play Perfect World International using proxy server
Perfect World International
The Malaysian version has now been released worldwide in an English-language format. Perfect World International opened its teaser site on July 15, 2008 and launched its closed beta August 19, 2008. The open beta began on September 2, 2008. The International Version is specifically built to accommodate North America. The Multilanguage Service version ‘had’ aimed at the European players, closed and open beta started in 2008. Perfect World Korea began its beta test in August 2007. Open beta ran through most of September 2007.

Perfect World is heavily based on Chinese mythology, and is set in the mythical world of Pangu. The simulated day and night, and flight is a key component in exploring the game world. Perfect World features four races, each with two exclusive classes, bringing the total of eight classes that players can choose from.

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One might wonder, why play using proxy server while you can play using direct connection?

The answer probably:
Person A might using an ISP which enforce them to use proxy server in order to connect to the internet, otherwise he can’t.
Person B might have a (sucks) Windows modem driver that hangs every a few minutes. Rofl, yea, that person is me…

Here is my story:
When I was away from house, I always bring my laptop. There are two internet connection available in my laptop. First, a wireless 3G connection using my GSM phone as a modem. Despite of the connection type that the phone capable of — 3G, the connection is always sucks. Never ever in my life I got s stable connection, I always got something like these:

Second connection is a wireless CDMA using USB modem which is the driver ain’t mature enough. It always hangs after a few minutes usage. Just a few seconds before hangs, it always switch my Windows XP theme back to classic theme. Somehow, the modem works fine using Linux distro.

So, my solution is: to install a virtualization software such as VMware Workstation or Sun VirtualBox and then install a Linux distro on top of it to act as a proxy server (using squid). More or less, something like these:

Laptop -> Virtualization software -> CentOS Linux -> Proxy Server -> Internet.

Now I can connect to the internet worry free. Yeah… [insert hula dancer pic here] life is good 😀

But then, trouble comes. Apps which doesn’t support proxy server can’t connect [sigh], including my favorite online game — Perfect World International — which unfortunately doesn’t support proxy server.

Well… A few weeks passed, I can’t find a working solution for this trouble. Until I found SocksCap, here is the description of the app:
Automatically enables Windows-based TCP and UDP networking client applications to traverse a SOCKS firewall. SocksCap intercepts the networking calls from WinSock applications and redirects them through the SOCKS server without modifying the original application, the operating system software or drivers.

In sort, it allows to capture all traffic of a program and to route it onto a SOCKS proxy 4 or 5.

Found the app, downloaded, and installed.

To use SocksCap with PWI:
[*]Launch the SocksCap.

[*]Open menu “File” >> “Settings”. Enter your proxy server in the “SOCKS Server” field and also the port.

[*]Choose Socks version that match with your proxy.

[*]Choose “Resolve all names remotely”.

[*]Click “Apply” >> “OK”

[*]Click the “New” button, browse to “launcher.exe” file in “…\Perfect World International\launcher” folder.

[*]Click “OK”

[*]You’ll see the PWI icon added.

[*]Click twice the icon to launch PWI.

Viola, happy playing 😀

For you who can’t find the SocksCap on the net, you can download the latest version v2.40 here.

If you somehow cannot work with SocksCap, try FreeCap.

FreeCap — is a program for transparency redirect connections from programs through SOCKS server. In fact that some programs hasn’t native SOCKS support (for example Internet Explorer), In this case FreeCap will be helpful, transparently redirect all connections requests through SOCKS server… [taken from FreeCap What Is page].

Download FreeCap here.

To use FreeCap with PWI:

[*]Launch the FreeCap.

[*]Open menu “File” >> “Settings”. Enter your proxy server address and port in the “Proxy Settings” tab.

[*]Choose Protocol that match with your proxy.

[*]Open “Program” tab, in the “DNS name resolving” label, choose “Remote”.

[*]Click “Apply” >> “OK”

[*]Go to “File” >> “New application” menu. Click the “Browse” button, browse to “launcher.exe” file in “…\Perfect World International\launcher” folder.

[*]Click “OK”

[*]You’ll see the PWI entry added below.

[*]Click twice the entry to launch PWI.

Happy gaming!

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