How to: remove Ubuntu grub in dual (or more) booting computer

My laptop is dual boot. One Windows XP SP2 and the other is Ubuntu 10.04. I’m using Ubuntu default boot manager, which is Grub 2.

This is the partition info:
hd0,1 : Windows XP (NTFS)
hd0,5 : Partition for data (NTFS)
hd0,6 : Ubuntu (Ext3)

Yesterday, my little sister borrow it to, you know – “facebook-ing” using Windows XP. Somehow she formatted by Ubuntu partition by accident. Next morning I woke up with these:
Grub loading
error unknown filesystem
grub rescue>

A quick check shows that my Ubuntu partition is now empty and the partition type is NTFS, oh my gosh…

In order to get to Windows, I need to remove the grub bootloader. These are my steps to remove the bootloader:

[*] Boot the laptop using Windows XP install disk.

[*] Choose Recovery when asked — press “R”.

[*] After logged in to the recovery console, choose the Windows installation.

[*] Enter your administrator password when asked.

[*] Execute the following command:

[*] Reboot the laptop.

[*] Done.

Good luck!

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