Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit fresh install

This is a follow up to my previous post, Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit crashed on fresh install.

Now, I can install Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit perfectly 🙂

This post can also serve as a guide on “How to slipstream SP1 to Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit”.

This is what I do:

Download Windows Vista SP1 for 64 bit here. Download vLite installer here. We’ll slipstream SP1 to Vista. I also downloaded the latest motherboard and vga card driver for Vista 64 bit, from nVidia site. Both of them are using nVidia chip.
Put all of them in the same folder. Extract the nVidia driver to get the .inf file, we’ll sliptream them too.

Fire up VMware Workstation, create new virtual machine with typical configuration. Follow the screnshots:




We don’t need network connection for this.

Ok, done. Hit “Finish”.

Edit “Virtual machine settings” (hardware) to match the screenshot below, remove anything else — we wont need them.

Insert Vista disc to DVD drive, select this drive in virtual machine settings (CD-ROM). Mine is drive G.

Enable “Shared Folders”, I point it to folder where downloaded Vista SP1, vLite and drivers saved.

Ok, done. We’ll begin installing Vista.

Start the virtual machine that just created. It’ll boot the Vista disk and begin the installation. Just follow the instruction on install screen until it finished and you get into desktop.

Once you get into desktop, disable UAC by going to:
Windows Vista >> Control Panel >> Classic View >> User Accounts >> Turn User Account Control on or off >> clear the checklist >> OK >> Restart Now

Install VMware tools by going to: “WMware Workstation >> VM >> Install VMware tools”. Follow the installation guide.

Then install vLite on the newly installed Vista.
You can access vLite installer via Shared Folders by type in “\\.host\Shared Folders”. Follow vLite installaion guide. When finished, run vLite.

You might need this to run vLite. Extract the zip file to vLite folder.

Select the drive that have Vista disc.

vLite will ask where to save the installation files, create or choose an empty folder.

vLite will copy the files.

It’ll take a few minutes to copy the files.

Select the operating system, in this case is “Windows Vista ULTIMATE”, hit “OK”.

Check “Service Pack Slipstream”.

Hit “Slipstream”, select the SP1 that just downloaded. vLite will process (slipstream) it.

It will take a few hours to complete this. So, take your time. Make a cup of coffee, watch some movies, or something. When you think the progress bar is not moving or its hangs, its not. Just be patient.

Once completed you’ll see the following:

Click “Task”, and check “Integration”. We’ll integrate the latest nVidia driver. Click “Integration”.

On Integration, click “Drivers (0/0)” tab. Check “Enable”.

For motherboard driver, click “Insert” >> “Multiple driver folder” >> select folder where you put the extracted nVidia motherboard driver >> Select “All” >> Click “Ok”. You’ll see the drivers added.

For VGA card driver, click “Insert” >> “Single driver” >> select the .inf file inside the folder where you put the extracted nVidia vga driver. You’ll see the driver added.

Click “Apply”, choose “Rebuild one (Ultimate). Click “OK”

vLite will integrate the drivers.
This will take a few minutes, be patient. Once finished, click “Task” >> Check “Bootable ISO” >> Check “Enable before apply”.

Click “ISO” >> Make ISO. vLite will create an .iso file.

Once done, you’ll have to move it (the .iso file) to the “Shared Folders”.

Now, minimize the VMware. Back to your old system again — mine is XP. We will burn the .iso file to DVD disk.

Insert a blank DVD disk to your burner. Open Nero, or something like it to burn the .iso file. Once he burn completed, you have a new Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit with SP1 built in. We are ready to try installing Vista.

Insert the new disk to your drive and reboot the computer, it’ll boot the disk. Follow the installation guide until you get into Vista desktop.

Now, we are done sliptream the SP1 which also fix the crashes that I had on my previous post, Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit crashed on fresh install.

Good luck!

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