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Don’t know how to transfer your domain out of GoDaddy? Can’t find how to get your domain EPP / Authorization Code from GoDaddy cluttered and irritating domain control panel?
I feel your pain, I just recently transferred a domain out of GoDaddy. The domain in question transferred in 3 hours since the minute I initiate the transfer. This is how I do it.

Case: to transfer a .com domain from GoDaddy to my own domain reseller — domain transfer only cost me $6.95/yr. The domain in question will be expired in 6 days.

[*] Login to your GoDaddy.
[*] Go to GoDaddy domain control panel: “GoDaddy >> Domains >> My Domains” — or go to [url][/url] directly.
[*] Click the domain you wish to transfer.
[*] Unlock the domain (if locked), this is required in order to transfer out the domain. See the GoDaddy_1 screenshot below.
[*] Turn off domain Privacy or DomainsByProxy. See the GoDaddy_1 screenshot below.
[*] Request the domain “Authorization Code” by email. See the GoDaddy_1 screenshot below.
[*] Make sure the email address for Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing contact are valid and you have access to the email address.
[*] Initiate the transfer from the new registrar control panel. In this case, from my own domain reseller. Enter the EPP / Authorization Code where required.
[*] In a few minutes you will receive domain Transfer Authorization email. Follow the guide to approve the transfer. It usually contains an approval and cancel link. Click the approval link and follow the guide.

The following steps are optional, but it will speed up the transfer out of GoDaddy.
[*] Go to GoDaddy domain control panel: “GoDaddy >> Domains >> My Domains” — or go to [url][/url] directly.
[*] Once inside the domain control panel, go to: “Domains >> Pending Transfers”. See the GoDaddy_2 screenshot below.
[*] Find the domain you want to transfer out.
[*] Check the checkbox next to the domain. See the GoDaddy_3 screenshot below.
[*] Click “Accept/Decline” button. See the GoDaddy_3 screenshot below.
[*] Choose “Accept” and click OK. See the GoDaddy_4 screenshot below.
[*] In a few minutes you will receive an email from GoDaddy saying that the domain has been succesfully transferred away from GoDaddy. Don’t be surprised at this step, if you see the domain is dissapear from your GoDaddy control panel — its normal.
[*] The transfer will be completed once you receive an email from the new registrar.

Done, just wait for email notification from the new registrar.

Just a FYI, using steps above, my domain transferred within 184 minutes — 3 hours and 4 minutes. Hooray!

Note: For you who do not know yet, transferring domains from one registrar to another registrar will not transfer the domain content.

Screenshots for your referrence:





GoDaddy transfer interface
GoDaddy transfer interface

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